Membership Details

Membership is Organization Specific

Each annual membership covers a specific organization, such as a professional services firm, wealth management firm, bank, etc.

All engagement with the network is covered under the organization's membership.

Associate Members

The members’ professionals, such as accountants, lawyers, advisors or bankers within each member organization automatically become associate members.

As associates, they participate in the activity of the network. There is no restriction on the number of associates who can access the network within any organization.


There are no restrictions on the number of opportunities that can be presented to Madison One.

However, the opportunity must first be accepted and pass Madison One’s stringent criteria. This ensures that the opportunities you can take part in have been properly vetted before they get to you.


Costs to members are reasonable and affordable. Our members all concur that the substantial new benefits realized by them far exceed the network costs, plus deliver many unexpected returns.