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Madison One has brought more than $1 billion of deals to negotiation


Safeguard your firm's and your clients' assets

The Madison One Clearinghouse Network is a private network for the confidential exchange of vetted business information relating to specific acquisition, divestiture, capital funding and special purpose opportunities.
The Network, established in 1986, provides a platform for introductions to select opportunities in the hard-to-unearth mid-market. (Market value from $5 million to $200 million).
Services Not Provided
Madison One does not provide the services of:

    1. An investment bank
    2. A business advisor
    3. A business broker
Madison One does not offer an online database for members to search.
Madison One is not a Social Network.
Since inception, Madison One has introduced more than one-thousand opportunities to its members. Approximately sixty percent of the opportunities promulgated through our network, worth $1 billion, reached the actual negotiation stage, confirming that Madison One is a viable and essential tool.
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