The Protocols

Madison One follows two key protocols

1. Madison One must meet the principals of the private member firms prior to admitting them to the network.

This meeting is to:

  • Gain an appreciation into how the private member conducts their activities.
  • Learn about their particular strengths, interests and focus.
  • Explain the network and its processes.
  • Respond to any questions.

2. Madison One screens all opportunities presented by the private members.

The vetting is required to:

  • Determine if the opportunity would appeal to members.
  • Assess the bone-fides.
  • Confirm that all required (by the counter party) documentation has been completed and is immediately available.
  • Ascertain that there is a high probability of reaching a successful outcome.
  • Why does Madison One conduct the screening?

    We expect our members to only submit opportunities that they have first screened. We nevertheless conduct our own screening (with our members) to maintain the quality of the opportunities that we may subsequently release.

    Each member has their own approach to their screening. Adding our vetting provides a uniform screening for each opportunity.

  • What are you seeking to learn from your screening process?

    Opportunity – Sale of Business:
    Our key focus is to understand if the two parties, the Seller and the Buyer have reconcilable views of the value of the business. If we perceive there is an unreconcilable valuation issue we decline to accept the opportunity.

    Opportunity – Capital Search:
    We try to ascertain if the party seeking the funds is reasonable, knowledgeable and has the required attributes to conclude a transaction. Sampling of issues to be vetted:

    a. Does an up to date Business Plan exist?
    b. The management: track record in the industry; integrity; existing equity in company
    c. Application of Proceeds
    d. Funds invested to date
    e. Transaction logic